About us

Concise Kore is a place where we design innovative interior solutions and manufacture customized furniture. Based in Delhi, we offer value-added and creative design services nationwide. Engaged in furnishings, furniture, and interiors, we do everything very passionately. Founded in the year 2003, our furniture and joinery company has been prospering every day. We are a professionally managed firm working with a vision to deliver what you want. Our knowledge of the beauty of design makes us stand out from the rest.

Team of Talented And Energetic Folks

The most significant parameter that differentiates a company from others is its workforce. Driven by an experience of nearly two decades, Concise Kore brings that becomes a trend. Yes, we set the stage for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. All thanks to our highly vibrant and talented interior designers at our place. From strategy to interiors to experience design, we have got them all. Our high-performing teams are the reason for our whopping success during all these years.

Passion to create beautiful objects

We believe that change is the only constant in the world, so, bringing innovation into our blood is what we are working for. Our zest and zeal to bring the best out of something help us position your brand for tomorrow. Not only the interior but the furniture and furnishings get a fine touch.

Attention to minute details as well

The interior of a building is as important as the exterior. Our forte is to produce work at the highest levels. So, to elevate the resultant to that level, we believe in considering the details with a critical eye. Even the smallest of the detail matters to us. Yes, that is why we are Concise Kore.

Relentless perfectionism

Our concentration on the high refinement of craftsmanship is the reason why we exceed client’s expectations. Building personalized furniture and giving a WOW look to the interiors with perfection is what we look towards.